Higher interest rates reduce housing demand by causing mortgage applications to decline, reducing loan balances, harming employment, and suppressing wages. Repost from OC Housing News 2011-2016 The federal reserve establishes interest rate policy, and for six years, the federal reserve held the benchmark federal funds rate to zero to stimulate the economy. They finally raised rates last December and followed with a second boost this December, the first rate hikes in a decade. During the period when interest rates were held at zero percent, the federal reserve applied stimulus through a policy known as quantitative easing, a fancy term for printing money. Quantitative easing and mortgage interest rate stimulus were designed to bail out Wall Street, not benefit Main Street.…[READ MORE]

The individual county or metro reports are available free below: Orange County, December 2018 (click here) Irvine, California, December 2018 (click here) Los Angeles County, December 2018 (click here) San Diego County, December 2018 (click here) Riverside County, December 2018 (click here) San Bernardino County, December 2018 (Click here) San Francisco Metro, December 2018 (click here) San Jose Metro, December 2018 (click here) Ventura County, December 2018 (Click here) This site provides information found on no other real estate site: Detailed monthly ownership cost information. Analysis of ownership costs compared to similar rentals. Investment analysis showing monthly cash flow and rates of return. We would be delighted to hear your feedback.[READ MORE]

The industrial midwest did not participate in the growth of the last 40 years. Repost from OC Housing News 2011-2016 Once in a while, I¬†wonder what life would have been like if I stayed in my small hometown in Wisconsin. Members of my extended family and friends from school still live there, and I generally visit every year, so I know the progress -- or lack thereof. I find it comforting when I go back that very little changed over the last 40 years. Some of the storefronts are different, but for the most part, the built environment is as it was when I grew up. In many respects, it's the realization of the nimby dream of "preserving neighborhood character."…[READ MORE]

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