Investment Fund Information

After the success of the Las Vegas fund investments, many people have asked me if I see any new opportunities. For the first time in eight years, I do.

The fires that destroyed Paradise, California, create an opportunity to rebuild their community and make a healthy profit. Over the next year or two, the value of buildable lots will fall considerably. Many people will take their insurance checks and decide not to rebuild, putting these lots on the market at reduced prices. Also, the short-term increase in direct construction costs will put further pressures on lot prices. We are raising money to buy as many of these lots as we can, hold them for eight to ten years, then resell them when prices rebound. We are currently forming an interest list. Please reply to this email if you are interested in rebuilding Paradise, California.

Paradise Recovery Fund Disclosure Package Cover Letter
Paradise Recovery Fund LLC Investor Questionnaire
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Paradise Recovery Fund, LLC Operating Agreement

Also, we are forming an investment fund to purchase and renovate homes to sell or rent to special needs adults. As the father of a special needs child who’s about to be an adult, I know the demand for this kind of housing is large — much larger than the current supply. Most people working to meet this need are providing apartment-like living, mostly on a rental basis. Our idea is to renovate single-family homes so that these special adults can live in a home-like environment and perhaps have an opportunity to own through a trust and build wealth. This fund will provide a return on investment while facilitating these transactions. It’s an investment¬†you will feel very good about.¬†Please reply to this email if you are interested in providing housing for special needs adults.

Special Needs Homes Disclosure Package Cover Letter
Special Needs Homes LLC Investor Questionnaire
Special Needs Homes, LLC Operating Agreement
Special Needs Homes, LLC Subscription Agreement

We are scheduling presentations, tentatively on January 16th and January 28th at 7:00. The venue is yet to be determined. We will contact you again next week with more details.

Thanks for your interest