Guide to home rent or own decision with reasons to buy a home, benefits of renting real estate, and analysis of home ownership costs.

Should you buy a home?

What happens if house prices go down?

How much does a home really cost to own?

Can you afford the true cost of home ownership?

Should you rent instead?

Do you need the freedom to move?

Are you wasting money on rent?

Are you missing out on a fortune by not owning your home?

How do you tell whether you should rent or own?

Making the wrong decision could cost you a great deal of money.

Making the wrong decision could cause a great deal of stress.

To make the right decision for yourself and your family, you need to carefully consider your alternatives, and you need to evaluate your real reasons and motivations.

Renting versus owning is both an intellectual decision and an emotional one. The financial decision is an analysis of the cost of renting versus owning; however, the real decision to buy a house is primarily an emotional one.

Don’t make the same mistakes as many others who made a foolish emotional decision, paid too much, then lost their homes in a foreclosure.

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What you will learn about renting or owning:

  • The main reasons people chose to buy a house
  • The main reasons chose to rent instead
  • The false beliefs people rely on that often gets them in trouble
  • Is buying a house really a good investment?
  • Is the tax deduction worth the price?
  • The downsides to home ownership
  • The negatives of renting
  • The “bundle of rights” people actual own — it’s not what most people think
  • How to compare renting to owning
  • The features that add value to residential real estate
  • The detailed cost of ownership of any house
  • Will you need private mortgage insurance?
  • How much the tax deduction will really save you
  • The opportunity cost of buying a home
  • The four variables that determine the purchase price of any property
  • How wage inflation impacts house prices
  • How debt-to-income ratios impact house prices
  • How interest rates impact house prices
  • What happens when mortgage interest rates rise
  • How much you should expect to put down
  • What PITI means, and why it’s important.
  • What Mello Roos taxes are
  • And much more!

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